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Please Help Fill a Bookshelf at the Community Library in Santa Catarina Palopo, Guatemala The Mission Outreach Committee is asking for your help to support the Community Library in Santa Catarina Palopo Guatemala. One of the directors of the library is Erin Conway, daughter and grand-daughter of Cargill members Eric Conway and Bob Conway

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From Erin Conway:

1)      A local authority and structure are needed.  They are not “perfect” in the sense that I envisioned as created by my own hand in a separate independent library but they are permanent.  They are also in public view and have the capability to manage staff and programs on a daily basis in a culturally appropriate way.  The library will be moved into the school in order to provide this authority and structure.  I will participate in this transition but only to insure the necessary communication between this new structure and you, my valued, donor community who deserves to be informed of what your involvement provides to the library.  The library will be cramped and hours or programs may be limited sometimes.  I hope it is very imperfect so that people begin to take notice of the needs in order for the community to participate in providing such an important educational resource.  As long as the library is separate and seemingly independent, no one local will ever support it.  Things need to get messy before they get better.

2)      Distance and perspective are necessary steps.  Guatemala has been a large part of my life for almost 10 years, and while I am invested in the joy of this project and the people with whom I have worked closely, they need space to grow the project as the community allows.  I would like new challenges to which I can apply my learning while still staying connected to the foundation these past years have created.

So as you move into fall, I imagine a vibrant summer for the library where growth has taken hold albeit not always in the direction it was intended.  I do not have a timeline for this transition it will begin soon as I move in a more intentional way towards these new opportunities.

Take care!  Enjoy the fall!  It’s my favorite!  Thank you for your support.




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