2017 Vacation Bible School

Let us discover our strength in God! This was the message our heroes learned at Vacation Bible School. In order to discover their strength, our heroes’ recited five codes to help them, read stories about people who had showed these codes, participated in mission projects to give to the local community and sung songs to inspire them. Ultimately, our heroes learned to “do good, seek peace and go after it!”

God’s Hero Have Heart

The story of the prophet Samuel anointing young David, who had a heart that God desired. David was a shepherd who cared for his sheep. God desires all of us to care for each other. Our heroes’ learned to have a heart that loves God and loves others. In this way, they can do good, seek peace and go after it! The VBS participants made water bottle holders for the GIFTS Men’s program.

God’s Hero Have Courage

The story of Abigail serves to remind us that courage is a character that heroes must have if they are to serve God and God’s people. It takes practice to have courage, but God’s heroes’ can because they love God and want to love others. Our VBS participants had time to listen to Janesville K-9 unit as they talked about the courage a police officer and dog must have to keep safety in the community.

God’s Hero Have Wisdom

The story of Jesus as a twelve year old boy sitting in the temple learning about God. Wisdom is something that is learned and it takes practice. To be able to be God’s hero, we need to have the kind of wisdom that will let others know of God’s love. We can gain wisdom by going to church, praying, giving, and serving others. The VBS participants worked on making goody bags for the homeless high schoolers in the community. Many of the participants were shocked that there were teenagers who were homeless.

God’s Hero Have Hope

The “BE” attitudes are sayings that Jesus taught people in order that they can live fully and with righteousness. These sayings are contrary to what the world tells us to do. Yet, when we practice living out the “Be” attitudes then we find that life is more meaningful and joyful. The VBS participants worked on making school kits for Adams Elementary school.

God’s Hero Have Power

The story of Pentecost, that is, the Holy Spirit giving the disciples of Jesus power to go into the world and share the good news reminds us of our responsibility as Christians. The power that God gives us is through the Holy Spirit. The VBS participants made health kits for healthnet.




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