Maybe you have noticed some trees missing around the church property. The Trustees, after inspecting the church grounds with the guidance of a tree service, initially decided three trees needed to be removed due to weakness attributed to age (85+ years old), insect infestation, and disease. Recent storm damage revealed yet another tree had to be removed. In total four trees have been removed since May 1st and all four, after removal, showed even greater rot or insect damage than initially observed. The stumps will be ground and covered with grass over the next couple of months.
We know you are now thinking, “What about NEW trees?” The Trustees have approved a landscape plan that will be on display soon. We have selected the best trees for the climate, for longevity, for shade, for appearance, and from those on the approved list from the City of Janesville. Having taken many factors into account, we would also like to plant mature trees, believing they grow better over time.
There are some funds designated from the Trustee’s budget for one or two replacement trees per year. Financial gifts are also most welcome, and may be marked “trees.” Mature replacement trees can cost be-tween $1200 and $3000 per tree.
If you have any questions please contact a member of the Trustees.

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