Stu Allen: Pastor Of Senior Ministries

Stu Allen: Pastor Of Senior MinistriesPASTOR OF SENIOR MINISTRIES 
Stu Allen
phone: (608) 752-0548 ext 116

As pastor of senior ministries since July 2010, I am responsible for those who are unable to attend worship. I also coordinate activities for our seniors.

Favorite Food: Wild salmon, rib eye steak & local sweet corn!

Favorite TV Show: I watch little TV, but try not to miss “Criminal Minds.”

First Job: Selling popsicles from a pedal cart! As a teen I worked at a camera shop at a local mall.

Childhood Ambition: To be a farmer and then later to be a research chemist for Eastman Kodak Co.

Who Inspires Me? My third grade teacher Mrs. Zook, college chaplain Rev. George St. Angelo and my father.

What Makes Me Laugh? Situation comedy

What do you do for fun? Photography, reading, community volunteerism, and visiting my two adult children.

What Is Your Favorite Bible Verse? John 10:10 “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a good and satisfying life.” Also John Chapter 11, and Romans 8:1

A Favorite Characteristic Of Christ? His ability to know and understand all whom he met.

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