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Cargill United Methodist Church’s Family Ministries is intended to be a welcoming program providing outreach to the community, support for families, and fellowship opportunities. It’s a multi-generational group that is open to all. The Family Ministries Committee meets the second Monday of each month in the Cargill UMC library at 6:00 p.m. The committee plans and coordinates events for families. There are also some women’s, men’s and inter-generational events planned throughout the year. Contact Jessica Benewich, Family Ministries Coordinator, at, if you would like to become involved in planning, need further information or have program ideas!

Mother Daughter Tea 2017

Each year, Cargill United Methodist Church host Mother-Daughter Tea. This is a time for mothers and daughters to bond over a common theme, light lunch and tea. Please check out the pictures from this year’s Mother-Daughter Tea. The theme was Super hero with the motto “the greatest super power is being yourself.” We know that God created us in God’s image and living into that identity, mothers and daughters can be witnesses of God’s grace and love.


Here are some of the programs; watch this website and the Family Ministries bulletin board in Fellowship Hall for updates:

Family Ministries


What’s inside this giant aquarium? Well….come and take a look at this specialty garden! A boardwalk guides visitors along the sandy sea floor that is punctuated with “coral” and other aquatic-looking plants (live). Two sharks, a sea turtle, octopus and many fish are swimming about with crabs and lobster on the bottom. This fun structure looks like a large aquarium with blue sides and two access doors to allow visitors to enter this make-believe, underwater display. The Giant Aquarium is the size of 500 square feet (16’ wide by 32 long and 10’ tall). If this space could be filled with water, it could contain 38,300 gallons! Educational initiatives will focus on the importance of plants in our aquatic environments. The Giant Aquarium is part of the Rotary Botanical Garden Story Walk, Commotion in the Ocean and RBG is working with Hedberg Public Library on interpreting and sharing the book, “Life in a Coral Reef” by Wendy Pfeffer.

Everyone is encouraged to experience this on Sunday, July 23rd at 3:30pm! Sign up at the Family Ministries bulletin board or by calling the church office at 608-752-0548. Sponsored by Cargill UMC Family & Senior Ministries


Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi and why should I try it? Tai Chi is a Chinese moving meditation that stretches, improves balance and increases strength all from standing positions. Continued practice will result in increased vigor. This low impact exercise puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels. If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, and help increase flexibility and balance, consider Tai Chi!


This ongoing class meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:15-11:15 in Fellowship Hall. Participants should wear loose fitting clothes and flexible shoes. Class facilitator is Bob Naatz.


Tai Chi