Child Care Staff


The teachers at Cargill Christian Child Care are the key to what makes us so successful. They are committed to a career in Early Childhood Education which ensures parents their child’s teacher will be continuously learning and working to be a better teacher each and every day. All of our lead teachers are a Wisconsin Registry level 12 or higher (an Associate’s Degree Early Childhood Education or higher).

Ms. Dawn  

Dawn Allen is our School Director. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education Prekindergarten through 6th grade. Her hobbies include reading and traveling. She enjoys watching sports, especially the ones her son is playing in. Dawn’s favorite thing about her job is being able to work with the children with confidence that she is making a difference in their lives. Her favorite things to do with the children are reading stories, science and sensory play, and dancing. Her goal for the future is to travel to many places in and out of the United States.

Favorite Color: Grey, Red, Pink
Favorite snack: Carousel Animal Cookies, Cheetos Puffs
Favorite Restaurant: Japanese, Quaker Steak and Lube
Favorite Food: Asian, Ice Cream



Ms. Marisol   

Ms Marisol has been at Cargill since 2011 and is the Assistant Director. She has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Rasmussen College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Judson University. She would eventually like to become a social worker and obtain a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Her family includes her son, Ethan, her husband Miguel Angel, and her two dogs, Bella and Diamond. Ms Marisol enjoys scrapbooking and salsa dancing in her spare time. She also likes reading and puzzles. She enjoys smiling and laughing with children as well as reading stories and doing art with them.
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Candy: Almond Joy
Favorite Food: Chile Rellenos
Favorite Restaurant: Fiesta Cancun


Ms. JoAn  

Ms. JoAn has been a part of the Cargill family since 2007. She is the Lead Teacher in the Lambs Room and has her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Blackhawk Technical College. Her family includes her mom, brothers and boyfriend. She has a pet dog named Molitor and a pet fish. She enjoys lounging in comfy pants, coloring, and watching TV or Movies. She is a fan of the Brewers and the Packers. Ms JoAn enjoys working with the babies each day, and loves baby smiles! She also enjoys watching the babies grow up and say “Hi Ms JoAn!”. She loves reading books and playing games with children, and is always looking for fun things to do with them. She especially enjoys snuggling with them. Ms JoAn cannot wait to become a mommy someday!
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Favorite Food: Potatoes (any kind)
Favorite Restaurant: Chinese


Ms. Michelle 

Ms. Michelle is the teacher in the Lions and Lambs classrooms. Her family includes her husband, Michael, her son, Josiah, her dad, mom, sister, brother, and twin. She also has pet cats. She graduated from UW Whitewater with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. In her free time, she enjoys making music and art, especially ceramics. She also enjoys church activities. Her favorite activities with the children are singing, reading books, and art projects. She loves spending time with the children and helping them learn and grow. She especially loves seeing their individual gifts and talents.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Almond M&Ms
Favorite Food: Fresh Bread
Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster


Ms Audrey 

Ms Audrey is the lead teacher in the Kangaroos classroom. She attended Blackhawk Technical College and obtained an Early Childhood Education Associates Degree. Her goal is to continue on and receive a bachelors degree. Her family includes her dad, her mom, her sister, two brothers and her son Elijah. She also has two dogs named Bandit and Dolly. She loves to be outside and enjoys going on adventures. She is also a cheer leading coach. Her favorite part of working with the children is seeing their progress. She loves the “Ah-ha!” moments. Being silly, singing, and dancing with the children makes the days more fun.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse


Ms Tammy  

Ms Tammy has worked at Cargill since 2008 and is the Lead Teacher in the Lions Room. She has a B.A. Degree in Social Work from UW-Whitewater. Her family includes her husband, Michael, and two daughters, Lilly and Brooke.  She also has some pet dogs, cat, and birds. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, walking, taking pictures, and working in the yard and garden. She loves to root on her girls in basketball and softball and spend time with her family. Ms Tammy enjoys working at Cargill because each day is different with new challenges. She loves hugs from children and enjoys watching the kids enjoy an activity. She likes doing arts and crafts, dancing, and just being silly and making the children laugh. In the future, she’d love to save up for a great two-week vacation with her family.
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Candy: All of it!
Favorite Food: Mexican


Mr Sean  

Mr Sean began working at Cargill in October 2015. He is the support teacher for infants and toddlers and a bus driver. He attended the College of Lake County and has a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. His family includes his wife, Bekah, and his daughter, Molly. He enjoys drawing, digital art, coloring, and inking. In his free time, he likes reading comic books and military fiction. His favorite part about working with children is their interactions, and being part of their development. He enjoys taking the kids outside and doing arts and crafts with them. In the future, he hopes to have a table at the Comic Con as an artist.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Candy: Reese’s
Favorite Restaurant: On The Border
Favorite Food: Pizza



Ms. Alyss 

Ms Alyss opens Cargill every morning and she is the lead teacher in the Panda room. She has an Associates Degree from Blackhawk Technical College. She has two sons, Josh and Cody, and a husband Nick. Her pets include a gold fish and a black lab. In her free time, she likes to watch and play football, swim, spend time with friends and family, and go on road trips. Her hobbies also include running 5K’s and painting. She likes seeing the children smile after learning new things, and allowing the children try new things. Her favorite activities with the children are painting, playing outside, reading, coloring, and all science activities. In the future she hopes to obtain a bachelors degree in education.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Candy: Lemon Heads
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Restaurant: Ians Pizza


Ms Marilyn 

Ms. Marilyn works primarily in the Rainbows and Panda’s classrooms. She obtained her Early Childhood Degree from Blackhawk Technical College. Her family includes Evermel, Carizma, and Stephon. She also has a fish tank full of various fish. Her favorite pastimes include reading, listening to music, watching movies, and straight up chilling. She likes to be around family and friends. What she enjoys about this job is being around children of all ages, in different classroom, and around different teachers. You never know what to expect. She likes hearing the children’s stories, doing art projects, reading books with CD’s, and playing with them inside and outside. She is hoping to go back to school to get a different degree but still hopes to work around children.
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Candy: Burnt Peanuts
Favorite Food: Tacos (Supreme Loaded)
Favorite Restaurant: Jersey’s


Ms. Elizabeth 

Ms Elizabeth is the Lead teacher in Monkeys. She has an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education through Ashworth University. Her family include herself, her four sons, and their pet dog, Sadie. In her free time she enjoys cooking, traveling, movies, and doing anything outside. Her favorite part about working at Cargill is hearing the kids laughter and their funny stories. She loves doing art, books, and music with the children. Someday she hopes to open her own daycare.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Kit Kats and Starbursts
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden or Panera Bread


Ms. Laurie 

Ms. Laurie is the assistant teacher in the Monkeys classroom.  She graduated from Blackhawk Technical College with an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her family includes her husband, Marc, her son, Andrew, and her daughter, Courtney.  She has three cats: Bullseye, Lily, and Precious.  Ms. Laurie’s hobbies include home decoration, yard work, and collecting dolphins.  She enjoys creating art, reading, and singing with children.  She is dedicated to her career and would like to grow in her profession.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Reese’s
Favorite Restaurant: Hometown Buffet
Favorite Food: Mexican



Ms. Debbie 

Ms. Debbie has been at Cargill since 2011 and teaches in the Bears/Bunnies Classroom. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Blackhawk Technical College. Her family includes her husband, Tommy, and daughter, Madalyn, along with two dogs, Coco and Lucy. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and lounging by the pool. She loves to travel, spend time at the cabin, and ride the four-wheeler. She enjoys working with children and their families and watching them grow to accomplish new goals. She especially loves doing art, science activities and singing and dancing with her children.
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Candy: Sixlets and Lindor Chocolate
Favorite Restaurant: GR’s and Applebees
Favorite Food: Everything (her least favorite is fruit)


Ms. Lyndsay

Ms. Lyndsay began at Cargill in February of 2016 and is a teacher in the Zebras classroom. She attended Blackhawk Technical College for Early Childhood Education. Lyndsay enjoys spending time with her daughter and family. Her goal is to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment where they feel comfortable to try new things and become their best self.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Candy: Skittles
Favorite Restaurant: Applebees
Favorite Food: Pizza


Ms. Alex  

Ms. Alex began at Cargill in 2013 and is a teacher in the P4J Frogs room.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from UW-Steven’s Point with a minor in Spanish. She is currently taking classes in Early Childhood Education. Her family includes her husband, Trevor, daughter Brynley, and a cat named Luna. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, visiting with friends and family, and shopping for others. In the summer and fall months she enjoys bonfires. She enjoys working at Cargill because she can watch the children grow and progress through the years. Its a pleasure to help a child realize they can do something that they didn’t think they could. She especially enjoys arts and crafts, songs, and one on one time with the children.
Favorite Color: Purple and Yellow
Favorite Candy: Starburst and Dove chocolate
Favorite Food: Strawberries and Pizza
Favorite Restaurant: Applebees and Starbucks

Ms. Ellen

Ms. Ellen began at Cargill in 1994 and is an assistant teacher in the P4J Frogs room. She attended Blackhawk Technical college for Early Childhood Education.



Ms. Dawn 

Ms. Dawn joined Cargill in November 2016 as the P4J Teacher in the Tigers room. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Carroll College with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education. Prior to coming to Cargill, she taught kindergarten, and worked with children of all ages in a hospital setting.  Her family includes, her mom, dad, and brother. She loves dogs and has a shih-tzu named Paisley.  In her free time, she enjoys baking, going to country music concerts, traveling, reading, and scrapbooking.  Dawn loves teaching because she enjoys watching and helping children explore and discover new things. She loves connecting with her students and discovering what their individual interests are.  Her favorite activities with children are reading books, art projects and observing them during dramatic play time.

Favorite Color: Purple and Turquoise
Favorite Candy: Chocolate
Favorite Restaurant: Carrabba’s and Culvers
Favorite Food: Pizza and Cheeseburgers




Ms. Laura  

Ms Laura started at Cargill in March of 2016. She is the assistant teacher in the P4J Tigers and a school age teacher in the afternoon. She is currently going to Liberty University for Elementary Education. Her family includes her mom, her dad, her three brothers, their cat, rabbit, and fish. She enjoys dancing, reading, and Zumba. She loves music, going to the theater, and camping. She enjoys working at Cargill because she gets to know and teach the kids. Her favorite activities with the kids are reading books and music time. Her future goal is to graduate from Liberty!

Favorite Color: Sky Blue
Favorite Candy: Reese’s
Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite Food: Pasta



Ms. Dedria (Dee Dee)  

Ms Dedria is our school age teacher. She graduated with an associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Blackhawk Technical College and is currently attending UW-Whitewater to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. Her family includes her daughter Delaina, her son Nico, and their puppy Roo. She enjoys writing and songwriting. Cooking, painting, and reading are also some of her hobbies. She loves traveling, weekend getaways with her boyfriend, and family time. There are many things she enjoys about working at Cargill. Broadening the children’s horizons, teaching them something new, spending time one on one with the children, being in a christian environment and using spirituality as an approach to learning are just a few. When she spends time with the kids she loves doing art and science. She likes to challenge the children to discover their talents and build bonds through activities. A personal goal she has is to always be grounded spiritually, to cater to herself a little more, and to have a contagious amount of joy! Her professional goal would be to develop a historical based curriculum for African American history and culture.

Favorite Color: Mint Green
Favorite Candy: Reese’s PB Cups
Favorite Restaurant: Fuji, Applebees, Taco Bell
Favorite Food: Authentic Steak Tacos, Seafood, or a good ol’ burger



Miss Jessica 

Ms Jessica is a teacher in the infant classroom. She has attended University of Phoenix and is earning her degree through Rasmussen College. Her family includes her fiance, her son, her mom, dad, brother, and sister. She also has two dogs and a turtle. Her favorite hobbies are fishing, scrap booking, playing outside with her son, and planting flowers. She also likes to go on vacations, swimming, and being with family. Her favorite part about working in a daycare is being able to watch the children grow up into smart, witty individuals. She also likes their interactions with the other children. Her favorite classroom activity is art. She hopes to finish her degree and become a special education teacher.

Favorite Color: Pink and Orange
Favorite Candy:  Skittles
Favorite Restaurant: Chili’s
Favorite Food: Tacos