Your First Visit

Thank you for considering Cargill United Methodist Church for your church home.  We hope you will feel welcomed by our friendly members and feel comfortable in your surroundings.

We recognize that we have a large facility, with lots of doors, different parking opportunities, and many rooms.  Maybe this guide will help a bit on your first visit.  If you have Facebook, clicking on the “Spincle” photos will give you a 360 view.

Cargill:First Visit
Stop…you will find us at the corner of Harmony Drive & Wesley Avenue!

Here is what the front of our building looks like.


The North Entrance (on Wesley Avenue) lends itself to street parking, and is really two entrances on either side of the “bump out” Chapel.  Either door will get you to the worship area, which will be to your left upon entering.  There is also a drop off loop at this entrance, and a limited amount of visitor and  handicapped parking along the building.


The West Entrance parking lot is off of Wesley Avenue.  There is ample parking, a covered entrance and handicapped accessible door.  Feel free to use this entrance for anything—the worship area will be straight ahead down the long corridor, Fellowship Hall (a gathering area) will be on your left, and there are any classrooms and meeting rooms in this hallway.


The South Entrance is off of Harmony Drive.

Cargill Preschool & Daycare
This is the main entrance for Cargill Christian Preschool & Daycare ministry.

It’s also a large parking area for use on Sunday or special events.  This entrance brings you in at a lower level.  You will proceed up the stairs or elevator and then straight down the corridor to the Sanctuary.  The lively classrooms in this wing house the preschool/daycare facility.  The lower level at this entrance gains access to Sunday school rooms, youth rooms and a gathering area called the Fireside Room.


Fellowship Hall is down either hallway from the worship area toward the West Entrance.  Sunday Hospitality Fellowship is located here in between & after services.  Our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen is adjacent, so any of our many food related events will be found in Fellowship Hall!



On your way to Fellowship Hall, take note of our beautiful courtyard garden area, which is called a Garth.  Garth is an architectural term that refers to a garden surrounded by a religious building.  At Cargill United Methodist Church our Garth is a place to sit, reflect, enjoy the variety of plants.

You might see these buses about town!  They are used for preschool/daycare transportation needs, to provide transportation to/from church, and for other church group needs.

Cargill United Methodist Church building and grounds are maintained by combined efforts of staff, trustees and volunteers.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or for further direction/information—an unfamiliar building can be confusing, and we truly want you to feel at home!